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An initiative promoting holistic review in an engaging manner

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The Short Talks by Aspiring Residents (STAR) Initiative

Our mission is to revolutionize the residency application process by providing a platform for aspiring residents to

showcase their unique qualities and for residency programs to discover exceptional talent through video narratives

Want to make a lasting impression on residency programs? Participate in STAR and let your passion and personality shine through.

Aspiring Residents

  • Create a 2-minute presentation using PowerPoint/Google slides
  • Prompt: What is one thing you want residency application review committees to know about you?

Discover the person behind the qualifications - use STAR to uncover unique characteristics and qualities that can't be captured through the conventional application.

Residency Programs

  • Improve holistic review by using STAR as a  supplemental evaluation metric.
  • Use our filters to make reviews more efficient
  • Enhance diversity and cultural fit in your interview cohort

Video is a dynamic medium that allows individuals to capture their uniqueness in a way that written words simply can't match. By using video to share their stories, individuals can showcase their personality, passion, and strengths in a more impactful and memorable way.

2021 Pilot Testimonials 

“The STAR initiative captured the energy of people wanting to connect and energize each other.   It decentralized the traditional dynamics in the sometimes byzantine and inequitable aspects of applying to and successfully matching into a surgical specialty such as Otolaryngology - HNS. It served all the participants - not just the students - in making a better community for the next chapters of our history together.”
Albert Merati, M.D. ~ Former President of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery ~        Professor, University of Washington ~ Seattle, Washington

"STAR-OTO was an excellent experience as a medical student applying in a very abnormal year. I found otolaryngology relatively late in my third year of medical school and was eager to establish connections within the field. STAR-OTO provided me a unique opportunity to share some of my personal interests well as my academic portfolio."

Taylor Standiford, M.D. ~ Resident Physician, UCSF~ San Francisco, CA

“The STAR platform allows students to concisely present elements of their personal stories and important academic achievements, empowering them with a tool to display their personalities and abilities. As qualitative metrics are just as important as quantitative measures in assessing students, STAR offers a unique additional element of the evaluation process – one that students have immense control over. “

Priyesh Patel, M.D. ~ Associate Program Director, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Vanderbilt University Medical Center~ Nashville, TN 

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