Frequently Asked Questions 

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What do I do after I am registered?

Thank you for volunteering your time! After registering, you can sit back and relax. You will receive a notification each time you have been selected by a student. We have advised students to initiate communication with you via the platform or through email.

How do I meet with my student?

  1. Work with your student to schedule meeting time(s).
  2. STAR provides free access to virtual meetings without additional registration required. Within the dashboard, select ***

Please utilize our video messaging function if you find difficulty scheduling times for virtual meetings. You can do this by visiting the dash board ***

What do I do after I have completed sessions with my student?

Please complete a brief survey on your experience with each student.

How do I watch videos?

The video library will become available on a designated date. Please log in and click the video library link to access all videos.

*Don't have login credentials? You can still watch videos after providing us with some basic information.


Is STAR a requirement of the residency application process?

Absolutely not! Our program is 100% optional. Our platform is simply an additional avenue through which students may showcase a unique aspect of themselves while networking and gaining one-on-one mentorship from leaders in the field.   

How much does it cost to participate in STAR?

Nothing! STAR is free of charge. Our platform provides free video creation and editing software, virtual meeting rooms, and video messaging for all users.

How do I choose my topic?

We welcome all presentation topic ideas and recommend selecting a topic of interest to you.

Previous topics have included unique case reports, controversial clinical issues, medical history, personal research, clinical reviews, business in medicine, and much more.

The goal is to create a high-quality presentation that incorporates an up-to-date literature review.

Example: If you are interested in diversity in medicine, you could present on cochlear implants and access to care or perhaps a presentation on why idiopathic subglottic stenosis primarily affects middle-aged caucasian women.

Need inspiration? Check out recent publications from prominent journals (i.e. NEJM, JAMA, Academic Medicine, etc. )

How do I select my mentor?

After your registration has been approved, login into your dashboard to select your mentor.  We encouraged choosing a mentor with similar academic or personal interests. Depending on their availability, mentors may take on up to five students. 

How do I know if a program is participating in STAR?

STAR is an open-access platform for all in the medical community/residency programs to utilize. We encourage participants to list involvement in STAR on their applications. We will work to ensure programs are equipped with the knowledge to easily access videos. 

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